Monday, March 2, 2009

Thanks for Voting!

Sixteen of y'all voted on my wall arrangement. Thanks! And the winner from the get-go was B. So B it will be.
I had to mess around with the blog's layout to accommodate the voting and I'm glad it is back to normal, though with updated "spring" colors. I was getting tired of the old font color scheme. And I'm really looking forward to spring this year; I don't know why exactly since summer follows spring and that's never any good in Texas.
So enjoy it. It's March and we're rocking some bright, refreshing greens and blues over here in my corner of the internet.
And thanks again for voting. I would promise to upload pictures of the wall when it is all finished, but I'm not very good on following through with these promises so I won't promise. I'll just say I'll try. Happy Monday...

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