Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Yeah little ones, I've been neglecting you. Though I'm about to enter another one of those sporadic "one week of a new post every day" kind of periods because I am motivated, that's why.
This post is just to let you know that the temporary dearth of posts is because I've been trying to get all my Spring cleaning done. It is apparently a feeling as old as the human race. When the temperatures start to rise, I suddenly have this urge to clean out my closet, use q-tips to polish my silver and even reorganize under my bed. Notice how sparse my dresser is... yeah, that's the fruits of my reorganizing labor. No piles of junk or stacks of things to sort through here! I'm all straightened out.
Oh and I generally think of each room in my little apartment as corresponding to a certain season. My bathroom is summer, my living room is winter, my dining area is fall and my bedroom is spring. So I wanted to post a picture of the fresh spring colors that fill my bedroom. In the deepest, coldest part of winter (not like you'd have too much pity on a Texan in winter, that cold time I speak of is something hovering around freezing on a bad day, not like the coldness of winter up north), having a spring bedroom lifts my spirits so.

Almost as much as the fact that baseball opens in one week (well, less than that...). I'm all smiles. Oh and this year MLB is selling team-themed gnomes. Really, I'm pretty sure that just about sums me up in one ridiculous item. A baseball themed gnome.


  1. You really have disposed and kept a lot thing on your dresser. This is really a nice thing to. Cleaning your own stuffs are bit tiring but it is really needed to stay organized. That would also reflect your personality but not all time though.

  2. Don't dump your trash anywhere! Use your storage room or even hire some services that can take away the trash for you so that you dispose things properly.