Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let's pretend, a lesson in Paint By Numbers

Let's just say that you developed an interest in paint by numbers. Why? Well, it looks relaxing and that mid-century modern concept, that by using a little map and some stalls of paint you too can be Van Gogh! So you research paint by numbers -- completed retro versions are pricey -- yikes no good for this little crafter. And the modern ones, well they are as trendy as Dream Catchers and similarly themed at that -- think a western coyote howling at the moon or an eagle soaring through the Utah skies or something. Bad bad bad.

So what's a crafter to do? Well, after a wee bit of internet searching I found that there's a software (we a 15 day trial period) available for download that turns your photos in paint by numbers kits. Score! After downloading it and playing around for a while, I gleaned all the info I thought I needed to start the project in earnest. *Key hint* you must use a really simple photo. I tried some complex pictures and then just some normal ones and we're talking a really difficult paint by numbers painting.

And then there's the fun part (I say that knowing that I haven't even cut the wood for the canvases much less painted these; I'm at a purely digital point thus far)... I had to make a computerized catalogue of every paint color that I own and mixes I was willing to make to cover for the colors that I don't own. I ended up with a home-made pallet of 54 colors, a real rainbow span at that. It took forever! Sitting there with all my tubes of paint evaluating the exact shades to create a digipallet. Geez louise.

Anyhoo, so once I got the yuck work out of the way, I had a blast creating a collection of patterns. I have 10 patterns but I wanted to show off this lovely pattern because it involves a 1970's version of my dad. Ha! So Mr. Moustaches and his pup are lounging and you can see the various versions -- the final colored in pattern (a pallet with lots of pinks and purples), the pattern with and then without numbers, then the original picture in all its glory. I'll keep you posted on the progress of this one... it's an exciting new collection.

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