Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Eyes Wide Open

OK, so I started my blog yesterday. And I feel tremendous pressure to take stock of all the creative things I've got going on and present them in an organized way. To borrow a fav copy editing verb, I'll be mulling things over for a bit. (Mull is a wonderful headline verb, since it basically means "think" or "ponder" but takes up half the space of those. That's a little lesson in headline writing from someone who quit that industry after a measily two years. Note, however, that one's coworkers on the copy desk will make fun of each and every use of the word "mull" because it's so lame/lazy.)
Until I decide how to introduce all my creative little projects, I thought I'd throw up this picture of plastic snowflakes (yep, Target sells them 20 for 2 dollars or something terribly cheap like that) that hang from the ceiling all over my kitchen. They are so cheap and plastic, but for one or two months a year (I pull the Thanksgiving-to-Epiphany Christmas season) they make me happy with their bright colors and shiny ways.


  1. At least you made it two years...I only made it three months!

    But to use another great headline verb in reference to your blog: My enthusiasm has not waned.

  2. I think the crown for lame and lazy headline words goes to "sez" for says. I mean, you're only saving one letter. But they use it in the New York papers all the time. That and "tot slay" for child murder.