Thursday, December 20, 2007

Geez! Leave Me A Gnome!

People who know me know I love me some gnomes. And I got a new gnome! There's a beautiful German woman who works at my office with me and, in keeping with her German heritage, she finds my gnome fascination really humorous. So she got me this gnome for Christmas. When I unwrapped the package from her, I was bouncing off the walls of my cube. It's a great gnome. Ursula (my lovely German friend and coworker) and I agreed that it has the best qualities of a gnome, with oversized ears that aren't too pointy, a sufficiently aged face, a full and lush white beard, suggesting his wisdom. So I'm sharing my gnome with my blog audience because its such a great gnome and it makes me really, really happy.

Also, I kinda wanted to have a label "gnomes" after I saw that Katie has one over at Subtropical Paradise...

And lest you worry, this gnome is NOT lonely. He's in great gnome company in my cube... The "gnome on the range" cowboy western postcard is on one wall, and then there's the gnome lamp that really sets my cube apart from other people's. That's one of those things I bought at Urban Outfitters in my teenage days, thinking it was about as cool as cool gets. And yeah... it's still a light up gnome lamp... At least I'm not still a teenager. But it's a perfect cube accessory, because the entire concept of spending 9 hours a day in a little box is every bit as ridiculous as the gnome collection! Note that between the two gnomes is as award from the Maine Press Association. I like to mix my credentials with whimsical fictional woodland creatures.


  1. It's the little things--like using "gnomes" as a blog label--that make my life happy. :)

    A challenge for you: a Snags-related label. I'll leave the exact wording up to you (e.g., Friedman's Jewelry, Bob the Builder, or Mae Chandler packs heat).

    Did you like my correct use of SPE style in that for-example phrase? I almost threw an "etc." in there, but a quick perusal of my style guide made me think differently.

  2. omg
    Please help me!

    That light up Gnome you have in your picture was a lamp I used to own (I named him Saul). But somewhere in my move to New York from LA he went missing! I know this is sounding nuts to have a stranger asking you for help finding a gnome lol But please email me and let me know where you got your lamp. The place I got mine in LA went under and I can't find it anywhere!