Sunday, February 10, 2008

Scripting Class

Disclaimer: The top writing of my name was done by my teacher. The second one is my version, so no need to compliment my teacher's perfect rendition. She's so amazing!

I'm a little obsessed with calligraphy right now. Perhaps it's because I'm taking all these classes or because my mother keeps complimenting my work, but I'm pretty sure I dig this fancy printing business. As the disclaimer says, the top version is my teacher's and the bottom is my attempt at "scripting" my name as it were. And I've only had one class!

Every once in a while, some person in my family will go up to the farmhouse and unearth a box of really old letters mailed to my relatives more than a century ago. I recall one such letter that was found last fall sent by a long-lost lady in my family to her brother, my great, great grandfather. The writer was in college for her first semester and was quite homesick for her brother and the rest of the family. This was the 1880s and she lived in Mississippi, where this branch of the family had lived and thrived before the War between the States, as they certainly would have called it. And my great, great grandfather had already departed for Texas to find his fortune where there was fortune to be found (the Reconstruction Era wasn't kind to the Magnolia State). Anyhow, I mention this letter because her handwriting was similar to the type of handwriting I am now learning. And back then, that was commonplace! Today people pay money to folks who can use a quill with flair.

I got a bit silly with my writing there in the last one. I was trying to show off my skills... And you can definitely ask, What skills? It's pretty rough for now. But *I'm hoping* practice makes perfect!

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  1. Woohoo! Mississippi shout-out! But seriously, I'm impressed with your amazing calligraphy skills...I think it's looking great!