Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Week Two Calligraphy

So, here I am again. Posting pictures of what can only be described as idealized first grade handwriting. I mean, really, this stuff doesn't look too advanced. You might be surprised though at how hard it can be to use an ink quill and make these letters! Above is the "gothic" lowercase letters, a through k. On the last line I determined I had the skills to write one of my favorite names, that of my cat, dear "jack" McCoy. To be honest, I was pretty surprised at how difficult an "h" is for me, since it's my letter. "e" and "f" are cool though. I guess I can tell someone to "eff" off with beautiful, simple handwriting. And, naturally that's why I took the course in the first place.

Here's a much more crowded page of scripting. And the crowded figures make it look more interesting, but they don't help me determine my skill level at the letters. The (page designer's term here) white space of the top image allows me to more quickly determine my skill level than this more crowded page above, but I still thought my blog's most frequent reader would want to know that as soon as I could, I wrote "dj jazzy" and I think it looks pretty good.

And the capital letters. For the first time in my class, I was so annoyed by one of the letters that I actually crossed it out! I found the capital "P" to be so difficult I couldn't stop myself from just striking through one of my flops. I hit a stride there in the center with letters like "I, K, L" so I guess I can now write "ILL" and "KILL" beautifully. So my range is growing, eh? eh?

And on another note, I have lost the cord that connects my camera to my computer. Thus, no new pictures. Everything I've got has to come from my office's scanner. Sorry that this leaves you poor readers with nothing new to peruse. I am searching all over for the cord. And then you will really be in for some treats!!


  1. So when you and your "fiance," who is a navy/army/air force/st. bernard parish sheriff/ittawamba community college band director/Elvis impersonator on a moped kind of guy, finally tie the knot, are you going to calligraph (what's the verb form of calligraphy?) your own invitations?

  2. DJ JAZZY made an appearance in your calligraphy?? what a beautiful day this is.