Thursday, January 31, 2008

All Start and No Finish

This has been a not-so-hot week for this crafty girl. Not that it hasn't been a fun week, it just hasn't been a super creative week! I did start a couple of new projects (the photo montage above was made using Paint, the saddest of all photo manipulating programs, so please don't judge critically... I tried... ), but so far they are just started projects and not really nearing the finish line. I thought I'd throw a post up anyways, because I hate to think that my poor readers have nothing to read about! And there's not much to say about this, especially as one is sortof a secret-ish kind of project. And the other, well... it's got a long way to go before it is used.
I'm off to New Orleans tomorrow and I hope to be so inspired by beads that I do something ridiculously crafty and useless with the stash of beads I'm sure to bring home.

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