Monday, January 21, 2008

Jarring Pointillism

I found the perfect place to display my collection of assorted painted glass bottles--atop the glass shelf in my bathroom! To most of my readers, these glass bottles are not a new craft, I've been painting jars like this for years, but I decided I'd write about them anyway, just in case someone out there has never seen them. This is the greatest TV-watching craft I've got. Just rinse a glass jar (or buy one at the dollar store if you see a great shape) and start dabbing dots of paint all over the thing until it's thoroughly covered. The only tip--don't paint yourself into a proverbial corner, always make sure you can set the jar down if you need to. Walking around with a wet-paint-covered jar that you can't set down on any of its sides is truly annoying. As you can see, you can do themetic collections of dots or group dots by color or really play up the paint's textures by putting lots of paint per dot on the jar (as demonstrated by the pickle-jar piece). I love these jars, not only because they are so interesting to look at and are made from completely free materials, but also because they have the most wonderful texture to the touch.
Upon occasion someone will ask me to make them a jar and I'm more than happy so to do. For now, I think my apartment has its maximum saturation of painted jars.


  1. Hey, I have one of these! Once upon a time it was filled with peanut M&Ms*, so I can vouch for its utility as well as its aesthetics.

    *M&Ms not included

  2. Very neat! I have some root beer bottles from our fourth of july party...I may do this!

    Awesome post!