Monday, January 21, 2008

Bathroom Bonanza!

Yeah, I just used the title "bathroom bonanza." And it describes this week's theme. I do realize that by posting this now, it will be at the bottom of the week's posts, so if you get to this point in the blog, look up, because that's where the new stuff is.

I promised I'd do my dining room this month, but things came together faster for my bathroom projects, so this is the room-o-the month, for now. I really don't have enough rooms in my home for there to be a room for every month, but I'll deal with that fact later.

My beloved Dj Jazzy is coming to visit me in March and I really wanted my place to look crafty and cute for her arrival. Natch (as Susan would say), I started with the bathroom, and that's because Susan and I have a long history of getting ill when we are around each other. And as long as she's going to fly to Dallas just to get sick, she might as well do it in a cute bathroom, right? So without further ado, I will reveal my bathroom's projects.

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