Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Out of Reach for Use, And That's a Good Thing...

This is my decopaged bedpan. Most people have never used a bedpan, nor do they own a bedpan, much less a decorated bedpan. What can I say, I've got all the luck...
Most of my readers already know that I had a big ole' accident in Italy a couple of years ago and I broke both of my legs. And you need to be able to move your legs to walk yourself to the bathroom, and thus, the bedpan comes into play. And the story goes on (and gets less bodily-fluid centric, I must add), when I asked my friends if they'd just do me one little favor, to show their solidarity for my poor crippled condition. You know how when one child in an elementary school class has cancer and looses all his/her hair in chemotherapy, how the other kids in the class shave their heads to show their support? Well, I asked my friends to use a bedpan while I used one. So, that didn't really pan out, but they showed their love by founding a facebook group dedicated to me and bedpans; taking pictures of themselves with adult diapers and bedpans; and ultimately, making me this bedpan.
And I'm presenting it to you as a favorite craft ever, even though I didn't make said craft. The credit for all the cutting and pasting goes to my bud Emily, up in Chicago. If you look closely, you can see both Lucy of "The Effects of This Good Lesson " and Katie of "How to Survive in Subtropical Paradise" up at the top of the bedpan, even if the glare on Lucy's face makes her all but unrecognizable.
The big question when one receives a decopaged bedpan as a gift is, where should I put it? Well... the bathroom is an obvious spot for such a treasure, but even then, it needs to be somewhere safe. I wouldn't want toothpaste or harsh cleaners to get near this one-of-a-kind item (I venture to guess it may be the only decopaged bedpan in the whole world, though I'd love to be proved wrong and see pictures of other decorated ones). So I mounted this thing above my shower. And it looks good. And every day I look at it and smile because seriously, who has better friends than me? A decorated bedpan... the gift that keeps on giving.


  1. I can't believe I'm Internet famous with a link from your blog and my picture on a bedpan! I love that your bedpan is now hanging with pride. I wish I had seen it when I was in Dallas. I think it was lounging in a corner by the toilet at that time...

  2. that bedpan is amazing. I had no idea that's what happened with the pictures. awesome.


  3. Yay, and my suggestively open mouth is on your bedpan too!

    I get such perks, being friends with Lucy!

  4. Wow! An anonymous face is revealed!! Erik, I'm so glad you could be on my bedpan.

    I get major perks being friends with Lucy, wouldn't trade her for anything.