Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Don't Scowl at SCAW

Presenting Susan's craft...

I've literally been blogging for months about Susan (aka Dj Jazzy) and her visit to Dallas. Well, over the weekend, she came, we ate and shopped like champs, and now she's gone again (So sad!). And if we didn't have time to craft together, I at least had time to whip up a Dallas-visit souvenir for Susan.

She was quite smitten with my calligraphy skills and wanted me to make something for her using my bottle of ink and old-school quill. So, I wrote out her monogram (about 1 bellion times, to quote the Adelphia girl) and made a frame for it. We decided it's about the preppiest thing ever, which is fitting because Susan is in love with all things preppy!

The frame was a super cheap Ikea purchase covered in fabric (watch how you do those inside corners! That part can be really tricky) and then covered in a couple of thick layers of modge podge (low gloss, I believe it's called the "matte finish"). And, I lied when I said Susan didn't craft--she assembled the finished pieces. We were both pretty pleased with how it turned out. She has promised to put the frame above her kitchen sink (an upgrade from the original planned location of above the commode... Thanks Susan). Perhaps she'll even send in a picture when it's installed??

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  1. I LOVE IT SO MUCH HIL!!!!!!!