Monday, March 24, 2008

Missing In Activity

Yo! Readers.... Have you missed me? I realize I've been gone for a while (a creative hiatus, if you will), but I have tons of things in store for this week, including a guest posting with some really creative cupcake creations from the East Coast (not pictured above--instead, those are the ones I served on Easter. I'm a cheater though, they're from Society Catering on Greenville and not my own kitchen!). And with Calligraphy Class 2 starting next Monday, you can bet you'll see a bunch of scripting projects coming along really soon, too! And, one more thing... if you get bored because I'm slow to update, you can always visit my other, wackier blog, PDF'ed, which showcases some of the bizarre things that go on around my office.

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