Monday, March 3, 2008

Garden Checkup

A few people mentioned to me that my previous garden post didn't allow for a very comprehensive understanding of the "after" version of the garden. Well, you people tell me something and I'll deliver. Here's a new picture of the garden, allowing for a bit more scope. I had some wind issues with the astroturf. It's been ridiculously windy as of late on the North Texas plains (where the Big D sits) and my apartment is no exception. So I kept coming home to a bunched up roll of astroturf and fears of agitating my neighbors. And after many hardware discussions with my father about how to solve the issue (including one idea that involved modifying clothes hangers into some kind of tent-style spikes), he and I found garden stakes that fit the bill perfectly. I didn't take pictures of them, but they are basically 18" stakes with a round circle of wire at the top, supposedly to prop up your plants in the garden. For me, however, I used them to anchor the astroturf in place by hammering them in the dirt, leaving the round circle of wire to pen the green astroturf to the concrete driveway. So far, a few gusts have blown through and it's staying put. Fingers crossed...

Speaking of good luck, so far I haven't killed my plants! So that's exciting, too.

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